Sunday, July 22, 2007

Zimbra, violating Open Source terms

Not all pretenders are Open source... This is true for zimbra at least which claims it is open source, but actually I see everythg they r doing is against open source. check this for detailed discussion abt zimbra as open source.
I am still in my battle field working on Zimbra.
We upgraded to the new zimbra version now....
In this new version I found sthg in the code that made my nerves; all variables are written in this format "_158", "_140".
I found this hilarious...


Mahmoud AlGammal said...

What code exactly? If it's a script (Javascript for example) it could have been compressed. Most compressors do that to variable names.

Amit Panwar said...

@ Ahmed

Amazing, I do think these "Zimbra" are pro, not just look like pro. I love these effects, thank you!


Riya Ahuja said...

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