Monday, February 5, 2007

A Fishy Thought . . .

Actually, It is my first time to blog. I think maybe I have never had enough time to blog, but I intended to cross that barrier and here I am. So, I decided to share that experience. Once Samer published the announcement, "Here is your chance", I told myself, and so I clicked the link and started to join our blog.

It was then when the blog asked for the email and password, when my hacker spirit got aroused and remembered the phishing technique at once. "The barrier is back, again"; No offense Samer, but I thought you maybe phishing us :)

"Even if it was a phishing operation, I won't let is stop me", and so I created a new G-mail account just for blogging. But what is phishing in the first place, The term phishing is a variant of fishing, probably influenced by phreaking and alludes to the use of increasingly sophisticated lures to "fish" for users' financial information and passwords.

Phishers usually duplicate the login forms of the attacked sites, but they change the address to which login info is posted to another address where they extract those info and then redirect the user back to the normal site in order to hide from the victim that he has been freaked. But how would the victim reach the fake site from the first place, this is done by socially manipulating the victim for example via a fake email inviting him to test the new service features but unfortunately he has to login once from the following link.

Another idea of phishing maybe through blog invitations just like Samer did :P. Kidding with no offense Samer. But what about the blog spot that can collects a lot of email addresses with passwords... "I think I should destroy that barrier and investigate that topic more"


blue said...
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Hamdy K. said...

It is your choice either be
The Fish or The Hunter

"And all the time I'm thinking

I want to be a hunter again
I want to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again
So let me go" Dido

blue said...

I've deleted the previous c0mm3nt cuz iTz KiNdA ZtuPid...Have you read such phreaky typin, bf0r??
If u didn't then this is kinda givin some extra knowledge.

The previous style of writing is used by the people who'r callin zemselves,""Hachers"".Maybe cuz they like to be mysterious or something, but it really is unreadable at all.

4 example, they intend to substitute 'f' with 'ph', 's' with 'z'.They also use numbers to substitute some letters like 1 for 'I' or 'L'(but mostly 'L'). '3' for 'e','4' for 'a' and '7' for 'T'.
They like very much to use random CapItAliZEd letters, adding, 'k-' before a word to emphasize it,use slang words.

an example for that is "elph: c4n sUm1 h31p m3 w1tH h4x0RiNg mY sk00lz c0mPz?!?!?!!?!?" which is meant to be "elf:can someone help me with hacking my school's computers?"

What i like in them actually is that most of them are good at what they do,though most of what they do is illegal.And what i like most is the idea that some of them have the guts to disassemble a biiiiig portion of code, find the crack between all that MOVs and JMPs, and crack it.

finally speaking, just wanna say "Way to go Microsoft with these phreaks."