Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two hours with Oracle

I attended the Oracle technology day. "Join Us for an Oracle Technology Day Highlighting Successful Implementations of Grid Computing".
The title seems very interesting; and the most interesting is that it was in Hilton green plaza, Alex. I decided to go and attend, it is a good chance, I thought so.

The seminar didn't introduce something new, it was based on the Oracle10g. Oh yes, "g" stands for "Grid". It didn't meet my expectations at all.
I couldn't stand for more than two sessions. the seminar was behind schedule by more than 45 minutes at the moment I left!!

The first session included an example with Amazon, it was the best part of the seminar probably. The problem facing Amazon is that they have machines:
  • Order entries: it easy to expect that these machines got the peak load in December.
  • Financial: dedicated for reporting and statistics. these machines will face the peak load in January to extract the reports needed to put the plan for the next year...etc
Enterprise grid computing model for IT

Anyway, although oracle10g is the most scalable database, it is still lacking when it comes to time and usability concerns.
Number of steps and time in oracle10g is almost 2x or more than DB2, and SqlServer.
There are a lot of improvement comparing to 8i, for example Enterprise Manager can be accessed through Browser and PDA clients.

I will appreciate if they enhance the usability before releasing the next release. I can't think of getting Oracle and wasting more than double my time, and hiring a DBA with a big salary .
For now, Oracle is forbidden for me.

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