Friday, March 16, 2007

Corporate Blogging

It's not about the way you spend your leisure time. Blogging or as we can call it here "Corporate Bloggings" is one of the technologies that have great potential impact on the marketplace.
The corporate-blogging is the use of online journals by employees to further company goals.

It started with nontechnology entries, but the lack of interest was a big factor of disappointments.
2005 was the peak of hype for corporate blogging. Currently it is sliding into the trough replaced by the (Social Network Analysis, Folksonomies, Speech Recognition for Mobile Devices, RSS Enterprise...)
The corporate-blog can be considered as a tool for projecting the marketing messages in a medium that has large reach and low cost. Furthermore, it creates a good opportunity to make some kind of dialogues with the market(collect feedback from the market).
Expectations are tricky in the blogging world. Although no initial efforts nor technical skills are needed for blogging, it is not easy to effectively achieve it because it requires long-term commitment and consistency.
Behind the scenes, you can expect the intelligent competition, and recruiting processes ;)

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