Friday, March 30, 2007

Globalize on Ruby-On-Rails

The Globalize is an internationalization and localization plugin for Rails application.
  • Translates both db content and view text.
  • Supports automatic selection of an alternate, localized template for each view.
  • Built-in localization and translation of strftime, numbers, and currency formats.
  • Supports pluralization.
  • All based on three automatically migrated database tables.
It is the best solution to support multi-languages for your rails application.
The globalization wiki is not yet complete. But I think the "Get Started" part is fair enough to help you out making your globalized application, it provides very helpful external links.
  1. Sven’s Globalize Writeup – has many times been refered to as “the best documentation available for Globalize” .
  2. Example Application – takes you step by step through the process of creating a Globalized example application.
  3. Unit-tested Example – a walkthrough using a test-driven approach by Josh Harvey.

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