Monday, March 26, 2007

New Versions of Ruby, Rails and Instant Rails

I'm happy that new versions of our cool development tools have been released. This includes Ruby, Rails and my favorite tool, Instant Rails.

Ruby 1.8.6 is a steady and reasonable enhancement of the 1.8 series including many bug and security fixes, standard library updates, feature enhancements and performance improvements keeping high backward compatibility with the previous release (1.8.5).

Rails 1.2.3 was released mainly to support Ruby 1.8.6.
Besides the 1.8.6 compatibility, we’ve included few minor fixes. Nothing major. This should be a drop-in replacement for Rails 1.2.2.” David said.
What makes that even better is Instant Rails 1.7 that upgrades to the latest versions of Ruby, Rails and even phpMyAdmin (version Another cool feature of the new Instant Rails is automatic RadRails configuration.

Now, just download Instant Rails 1.7 and enjoy the latest Ruby with the latest Rails.

1 comment:

Youssef said...

Who are you to announce this info ?
Are you working on rail or ruby !!!