Saturday, May 5, 2007

Comtinues... The code that changes the world!

H here was talking about the code that will change the world. I think that it's not the code itself that will change the world, not the way you write it, or the coding style. What really will change the world of computer is the tendency to write a certain type of code. For example, when the concept of garbage collection is invented, more and more are tending to leave their native frameworks and start investing time learning new Tech. like Java, C#, Ruby. Now if you ask a student from the first year CSE about the pointers, it is probably that he don't know about it at all. That also made the system programmers rare.

Most of the native language users are Linux gurus, graphics developers, or system programmers. And that very few in Egypt and the Arab world in general. The problem in that is, we tend to follow the path of technology that they draw to us.

For me, I am not a fan of Managed code, but i have to use it to do most of my job. But the true me is with native code, where there is no abstractions except the fact that your native code is finally translated into some system calls.

Finally, If we tend to do something new that will make us drive part of the wheel of tech, we can practice with contributions to the managed world. But we need also to invent our own native tools.

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