Monday, May 21, 2007

Test Mail Server

You are on delivery, you need to test your application, and you need to make sure it sends email notification when the form is filled.. you look around wondering were did the system admin go.. and after a while when you catch him sitting in the buffet, and ask him for a mail server to test your logic, he stares at you for a while before replying " We got no mail server for testing". Well, at this point the degree of frustration reaches its peak, and you start wondering why in the world do we hire those sys admins?

well you won't need them anymore, just use Gmail, yes you can use your gmail account (sure you have one).. here is the configuration

address => "",
port => 587,
domain => "",
authentication => :plain,
user_name => "yourgmailaccount",
password => "yourgmailpassword"

1 comment:

Hamdy K. said...

authentication => :plain
does this mean plain text authentication, you want me to send my email password unsecured. you must be kidding.