Thursday, May 3, 2007

svn:ignore is disabled in Eclipse!

Currently I use Eclipse, with some plugins, for my Ruby on Rails development. A cool feature of Subversion is that you can have an ignore list to prevent files/folders from being checked when synchronizing with the repository. And Eclipse support that feature. The problem I had was that whenever I right-click on a file, I find the "Add to svn:ignore..." link disabled!

After some Googles, I found that you cannot add files to svn:ignore once they have been checked in. So, if you create a new file/folder, that doesn't exist in the repository, in your local project, you would find the link enabled for that file.


You said...

I don't think it is an eclipse issue. In CVS you can't easily ignore files that you have already checked in (otherwise one can hack it and comments cvsignore file that ignore all the files!).
I donno if svn does the same or not.
Even if it doesn't, the issue will be related to the plugin that enables svn not eclipse itself.

Alexandre Langlais said...
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Leela said...

You have to do as follows:

1. Click on Window -> Preferences
2. Select Team -> Ignored Resources
3. Click on Add Pattern and enter your file pattern that you are planning to ignore.

Ex: "bin" to ignore bin folders
*.classpath to ignore classpath files